welcome • fertile ground


expand • get dirty  • climb on

welcome • to a fertile ground for my growing expressions of words and images of a passion filled life of sex, love, art, nature & exploration. welcome to a safe place where passion is celebrated, shared and discovered. a place where it is a privilege to be exactly who you are – a being designed to experience joy to its fullest, who hurts and bleeds, who creates and destroys, who orgasms and births, who ages and has countless rebirths. This blog is about a life lived with dirty fingernails, firing clay, planting gardens, soaking sheets, having tantrums under full moons  and shedding our skins.

we will get dirty, expand our experiences and climb to new perspectives, connecting with that spark that lays within each of us that calls us to break open.

we will explore both the light & the dark with succulent vulnerability and rooted essence of ancestry and organism.

sex . love . nature . travel .  yoga . art . womanhood. family . touch . tantra

stay tuned for new plantings. the seeds are germinating, the soil is verdant and the rain is softly falling.     xoxo – lara

“Those tender words we said to one another are stored in the secret heart of heaven. One day like the rain, they will fall and spread and their mystery will grow green over the world.” -Rumi

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